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Thingyan Girl

Myanmar’s largest water festival, Thingyan, was cancelled amid coronavirus fears. But we still could celebrate the Myanmar New Year, with this offering from MRTV.

AMX Newsletter is honoured to present you a melody of traditional Thingyan dance, named Thingyan Girl (ကလိုက်တော့သင်္ကြန်မယ်). While the song plays, Myanmar ladies wearing traditional longyi of different colors, with their hair in high knots wrapped in flowers and jeweled hair clips perform traditional dance in space which is full of sweet smells of Gamkino and Laburnums (flowers of April). And we welcome “Thingyan”, means change, including the change of the old year to the New Year, old life to new life, old circle to new circle. Let’s splash water and dance together at Thingyan Festival.