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Classical Music from George Enescu

George Enescu (1881 – 1955). Violinist, pianist, director, and composer, Enescu was a child prodigy who showed an unusual musical talent as early as 4. A representative for the Romantic style, his creation brings together the musicality of Romanian folk music and the modern touch of German and French music.  

We have one of the Enescu’s most famous compositions called the 7 Songs for tenor and piano, on the lyrics of Clément Marot, with cellist Valentin Raduțiu and pianist Per Rundberg. Valentin has won many national and international competitions and in 2011, he was awarded the Music Prize of German Business, one of the most important prizes for up-and-coming young musicians in Germany. Accompanied by the renowned piano talent, Per Rundberg, the sounds of Radutiu’s strings take the audience on an extraordinary musical journey. 

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