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#HOME, together with Radio Romania Culture

Radio Romania Culture has set out to share messages and experiences of isolation from top Romanian personalities, to dedicate three hours a day to replacing spoken programs with music and poetry, and special programs for children by broadcasting a selection of audiobooks read on the national radio by some of the most well-known Romanian authors and actors, in partnership with Romania’s most important publishing house, Humanitas. The core strategy is that of focusing on transmitting calmness and positivity and of delivering culture as an alternative to the excess of information we are all confronted with at the moment.

These are difficult times most probably history books will write about, from which our children will learn. This is the time when we speak about solidarity, gratitude, love, but also about solitude, fear, death. In such difficult times people change. All that is good and beautiful in ourselves may come to light; or, on the contrary, our dark side can prevail.

In such difficult times as the ones we live presently, when a virus is shaking the entire planet to change completely our way of living, Radio Romania Culture, have set out to bring to our listeners’ homes a bit of serenity, an alternative to the hundreds of news, reports, interviews which are keeping our eyes and ears alert.

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