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UNESCO Launches World Press Freedom Day Campaign

We are currently facing an unprecedented health crisis.

The COVID-19 pandemic spreading across the world represents a new challenge for the press.

Today, citizens are on lockdown, eager for news like never before. Now, more than ever, the news must be fact- checked and verified, because disinformation spreads as fast as the virus itself, and journalists are on the frontline in the fight against the distortion of truth.

More than ever we need facts.

Facts to avoid spreading fear, fake news and panic. 
 More than ever we need a free press.

More than ever, we need your support for World Press Freedom Day.

To do your part and amplify the movement, UNESCO asks you and your organisation, on May 3rd, and NOT BEFORE to:

1/ Post the assets on your Twitter, Facebook & Instagram accounts
2/ Follow and share the posts of UNESCO’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Access the assets here:

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