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K-Pop Stars Encourage Young People to Stay Safe During Covid-19 in the Music Video “BE THE FUTURE”

K-Pop artists AleXa, Dreamcatcher and IN2IT teamed up in the Millenasia Project band, which delivers message to take measures to prevent transmission of Covid-19 to young people.

The project is in partnership with UNESCO and Varkey Foundation with their UNESCO’s Global Education Coalition. The music video was created to remind young people that whilst they may not have symptoms of the virus, they can still transmit it to family or extended family members. The music video offers a candy pink and pastel colored narrative with sassy performance, an adorable Siberian tiger mascot and the bebop spunk one expects from Korean pop music.

The video has two versions, one is for TV and one is for Radio. ABU members are able to download the video from ABU Covid-19 Content Database and broadcast it for free.