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Folk songs – Nazms and Naats

In celebrating the holy month of Ramadan, Fijian Broadcasting Corporation (FBC) share with us folk songs, Nazms and Naats, which are broadcasted in Fiji during Ramadan. Those works are performed by local talents and recorded via phone while our Fijian colleagues made effort to work in lock down period.


Nazm is a form of Urdu poetry. Nazm exemplifies the objective kind, often reserved for narrative, descriptive, didactic or satirical purposes. The broad heading of Nazm can include the classical forms of poems known by specific names such as “Masnavi” (a long narrative poem in rhyming couplets on any theme: Romantic, religious, or didactic), “Marsia” or “Qasida” (a panegyric written in praise of a king or a nobleman), because all these poems have a single presiding subject, logically developed and concluded.

Nazm and Naat was a key contributing factor to the preservation of Islam in Fiji and continue to feature on prominent radio stations, especially in programmes broadcasted in during Ramadan. Performing Nazam and Naat is part of the Multicultural Eid Festival and Fair which The Fiji Broadcasting Corporation organised annually with aim at promoting racial harmony.

For more details, please contact Pallavi Shweta, Program Director -Radio Fiji 2, via email