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Meydan-ı Aşk Album

In celebrating the holy month of Ramadan, Turkish Radio Television Corporation (TRT) and AMX would like to take this opportunity to extend to you our best wishes for serenity, joy and abundant spiritual gifts. We are honored to present you a part of Meydan-ı Aşk album containing Sufi music which is one of the well-known genres within world music of Turkey. You can peacefully enjoy this unique album particularly in the month of Ramadan.

Meydan-ı Aşk recorded by Turkish Radio-Television Corporation (TRT) is comprised of the favorite works in several forms and performed by the most talented vocal artists and musicians like Hz. Yunus, Niyazi Misri, Ibrahim Hakki, Esrefoglu, Ahmed Kuddusi, Alvarli Efe Hz. There are some works which this is the first time they have been performed.

As most of the works that presented originally compiled as “Zikirler” (means sayings). GOD pointed out the importance of sayings at Quran-I Karim, by saying “Be careful! Hearts can only find peace with mentioning GOD” (Surah Rad:28), and also by saying “while standing, while sitting, while laying down, they mention Allah all the time” (Surah Al-I Imran:191). When the sayings done altogether, they can be called as “sema”, “devran”, or “religious ritual”. The action of saying can be done two ways: first with loud, which is called as “zikr-I cehri”; and second with silence, which is called as “zikr-I hafi”. Sayings in this album has been arranged according to the Saying Methodology and also according to the order of the names.

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