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Asiavision’s 2020 promo reel features Members and their stories

The ABU is thrilled to release Asiavision’s new promo reel which features many esteemed Members and focuses on the essence of Asiavision’s news exchange – helping Members tell the stories of the day so their audiences know what is happening around the world.

This approach is defined by the new slogan – Asiavision: Where Storytellers Meet.

Here is the link from the Asiavision/ABU website:

There is a separate link for people with internet challenges:
Password: AVN2020##

Asiavision has 34 Members, ranging from Samoa and Fiji in the east to Turkey and Iran in the west, including all of ASEAN. Members exchange some 18,000 news stories each year and recently, more than 1,100 news items relating to the COVID-19 crisis have been shared each month.