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Since the beginning of the global health crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, international public service media (including France Médias Monde, Deutsche Welle, BBC World Service, USAGM, NHK World, CBC/Radio-Canada and ABC Australia) have recorded strong audience increases, illustrating the confidence of global audiences in the reliable and independent information they deliver on television, radio and digital media, in a large number of languages, on all continents.

Organizations have adapted to the consequences of the crisis and our teams – journalists, technicians, correspondents, part time workers and employees – have mobilized to pursue their mission tirelessly, informing people about the new coronavirus and helping to combat its spread by delivering prevention messages, in conjunction with the health authorities.

The international media are on the front lines, in all languages, even in the remotest corners of the globe to deliver reliable information, but also to entertain by bringing culture to life and artists to express themselves, or to educate by ensuring, through dedicated programmes, a mission of educational continuity for children and their parents.

The humanist values of solidarity that underpin our action have led our media to join in the worldwide drive to pay tribute to healthcare personnel, researchers and all frontline workers, and to pay special tribute to women, whose role has often been crucial at all levels of society. We have also sought to raise awareness of the increase in domestic and family violence in times of lockdown and how to prevent it.

This period should encourage us to draw lessons about the way the world works and changes, about social relations, about the importance of public services and access to information. Our media contribute to the international reflection and debate needed to build the post-pandemic future and make the most of it.

This common mission at the service of the general interest, democratic values and freedom of expression, which brings us together, is particularly illustrated in the light of the health crisis. We will do our utmost to build on on this public confidence in our media, which is more precious and greater than ever.

With more than one billion weekly users, DG7 media play a major role in the world in the service of free information.

DG7 members:

Marie-Christine Saragosse, Chairwoman and CEO, France Médias Monde,Peter Limbourg, Director General, Deutsche Welle, Jamie Angus, Director, BBC World Service Group, Grant Turner, Chief Executive Officer and Director, USAGM, Takai Takaaki, Managing Director, NHK World-Japan, Catherine Tait, President and Chief Executive Officer, CBC/Radio-Canada David Anderson, Managing Director, ABC Australia