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Call for Applications: TRT World Citizen Covid-19 “VISUAL CONTEST”

Deadline for TRT World Citizen Visual Contest #TheFrontline: August 31, 2020

TRT World Citizen, TRT’s social responsibility initiative established in 2017, is organizing a visual arts contest entitled #TheFrontline. Selected artworks from the contest will be published in a photo book under the same title.

#TheFrontline contest, which begins on June 12, aims to recognize and show gratitude to the heroes working on the front lines to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Struggling to keep us safe, they have worked under very difficult conditions and have been exposed to physical and emotional stress.

The contest seeks to pay tribute to these frontline heroes by sharing their stories in the form of cartoons, illustrations, and photos. In this way, diversity will be provided in the fields of visual arts.

In addition to health and social care workers, there are many others who continue to do their jobs at great risk to themselves and their families. From farmers and sanitation staff to delivery workers and bus drivers, the frontline workers in the fight against Covid-19 are essential to our collective wellbeing. In this contest, the stories of the unrecognized heroes fighting the virus on the front line will be exhibited.

Applications for the contest will continue to be received until August 31, midnight Istanbul time.

Apply for #TheFrontline contest here:

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