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Prasar Bharati televises lessons in Punjab

During the lockdown in Punjab, the maximum impact has been on government school students. Prasar Bharati has now taken the responsibility of educating these students. Prasar Bharati has started classes on Jalandhar Doordarshan every day from 9 am to 4 pm. Its benefit is going to be given to children studying in government schools of Punjab.

It should be noted that earlier the Punjab Government started the process of setting up classes on the zoom app on the lines of private schools. After which there was a lot of trouble at the ground level. In many villages, there was a problem of slowing down the speed of the internet, poverty in many families made it so that they could not even get Android smartphones or internet packs. To make education accessible to every household, Krishna Kumar, Secretary of Punjab Education Department, prepared a pilot scheme and discussed it with Prasar Bharati.