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School TV Brings Hope To Kids Who Can’t Access Digital Classrooms

This is made possible through a series of partnerships with state Government Education systems and India’s Public Service Broadcaster: Doordarshan.Schools are closed across India and might not re-open until July when the monsoon arrives. For millions of children in government schools this means school has stopped.While an elder brother or father in their family might have a smartphone, children don’t get to use it very often. Children in India who attend government schools are still largely offline.Yes, data is free but if you don’t have the hardware, learning online consistently, is not possible.

Millions of other children in India do have access to the internet and with their parents help, are completing homeschooling.School TV is for the millions of children who are enrolled in government schools, are currently at home and  offline.Almost every household in India has a TV, flat screen or way to watch TV content. If your home doesn’t have a TV, chances are your next-door neighbour’s home does.

School TV is simply that School on TV to reach millions of children.