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Radio Republik Indonesia finds DRM up to its expectations

Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) has just conducted measurements proving the DRM in FM is spectrum, energy efficient delivering audio and text in superior quality without any interference even in very crowded FM environments.

RRI has always been on the forefront in the field of radio broadcasting and on-line radio.

The successful testing and measurements carried out in July came on the back of pioneering DRM deployments in the FM band.

On June 10, a digital radio transmitter was installed and commissioned by RRI at Pelubharan Ratu in Sukabumi province, West Java. For this purpose, the Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM)[1] digital radio system was used: this innovative step meant this is the first ever digital radio broadcasting station in Indonesia and in Southeast Asia.

Currently, the Pelubharan Ratu digital radio station is broadcasting three programmes in digital form, RRI Pro 1, RRI Pro 3 and, through its digital technology, news and current affairs information in textual form (in writing) in Bhasa Indonesia. The data provision is done through a digital system known as Journaline. The possibilities are immense as the system can cater to news and other information spanning 64,000 pages.

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