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First ABU Media Academy Forum Listens To Members Needs and Priorities

Over 50 media professionals from 30 organisations in 25 countries participated in the first ABU Media Academy online forum this week, which marked the introduction of the Academy’s planning and training activities.

In a fast moving discussion in which a representative from each of the 30 participating organisations made a contribution, the Forum heard about a range of training initiatives across the region. The Academy team is compiling all the input mentioned by the participants during the Forum and will prioritise them for a future course of action.

ABU Secretary General Dr Javad Mottaghi hosts the discussion session of the Forum

The meeting was convened by ABU Secretary General Dr Javad Mottaghi, who encouraged all members to contribute in further shaping & strengthening the Academy, which was initiated as one of the actions of the ABU’s Three Year Action Plan approved by the ABU General Assembly in Tokyo in November 2019. Head of the Academy, Steve Ahern, outlined the long term vision for the Academy, which is to partner with all ABU Members in addressing HRD matters and  keeping adaptable and up to date with the latest trends and technologies. The Academy will continue to deliver current online capacity building initiatives and webinars, and will seek recognition for them to be credited towards tertiary level study via recognition of prior learning (RPL). It will also develop a virtual library of resources that can be used by members for their in-house training. In the long term, the Academy will also develop new higher level courses in operational skills areas, as well as management and programming. Some ABU members with well-established training departments or higher education bodies within their own organisations, generously offered to assist and contribute by sharing their resources and expertise, as the Academy develops. 

Ms Nguyen Thuy Van, VOV Liaison Officer

“The ABU is grateful to its members for their contribution and participation in the First Online Media Academy Forum and we will continue serving the ABU members in Human Resource Development” stated the ABU’s Secretary General, Dr. Mottaghi.