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Deutsche Welle to Convene Online Forum on Diversity VS Division

DW’s Global Media Forum on August 24 will focus on “Diversity vs. Division. How can news organizations promote inclusion”

Should newsrooms operate a quota system to ensure more diversity in their midst? Is it helpful to be colorblind when it comes to representation of minorities? How can the media help highlight the benefits of diversity and pluralism as a contrast to radicalism? What can media executives contribute to ensure their companies are regarded as vanguards for diversity in this social climate? How can newsmakers inspire solidarity rather than fanning the flames of those who seek division?

Please join us on August 24 from 14:30 (UTC+2)in our Facebook Event:

Keynote: Armin Laschet, Minister-President of the State of North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany
Jamie Angus, Director of BBC World Service Group, UK
Peter Limbourg, Director General of Deutsche Welle, Germany
Aruna Roy, political and social activist, India
Host: Waslat Hasrat-Nazimi, DW journalist, Germany

For more information on the event: