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Announcement regarding ABU Robocon 2021 China

The ABU Robocon 2021 website has been officially launched. Check out the exciting new game rules at

Shandong Radio & Television Station (SDRT) will host the contest in the city of Jimo located in the southwest of the Shandong Peninsula on August 22, 2021 which celebrates the 20th anniversary of ABU Robocon .

 The theme of the game features Chinese traditional entertainment called ‘Tou Hu’ which means ‘to fire arrows into pots.’ Students using 1-2 robots to aim and fire arrows into pots placed on 5 different locations on the contest field. Two teams compete by score and game lasts for 3 minutes unless one of them achieves ‘Great Victory’.

 How will robots fire arrows and how accurate can they be? The ABU Robocon is participated in by about 20 teams every year. Don’t miss out on this exciting showdown of ideas by young engineers in Asia-Pacific region. For information on participation, contact: at ABU Robocon Tokyo Secretariat. (until March 2021)