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Children of Fiji

In celebration of Fiji’s 50th year of independence this Saturday, 10 October, Fiji’s national broadcaster, the Fijian Broadcasting Corporation (FBC) commissioned the song “Children of Fiji” that encapsulates the spirit of a young and vibrant nation and the home of a diverse group of people. FBC has made this wonderful song available on AMX for our members to download and enjoy. The audio, video, lyrics and translations for “Children of Fiji” are ready for you to download on AMX.

Press Release from the CEO of FBC on October 05, 2020 As a gift to people of Fiji in the milestone 50th year of our independence, the FBC decided around five months ago to commission and help produce a song that could become a modern patriotic anthem for our young nation. The tragedy of Covid-19 affected all Fijians especially our young and vulnerable. It was the impetus that the FBC needed to work hard at a song that would reflect the nation-building ethos of our organization at a time when Fijians needed comfort, empathy and hope the most. The FBC team led by our Studio 69 Manager, Jone Nakasamai co-produced and put the initial touches to the song titled “Children of Fiji”. The uplifting and patriotic lyrics in English, I’Taukei, Fiji-Hindi and the Rotuman languages imparts optimism in a year in which we have needed a heightened sense of national courage the most. “Children of Fiji” is an all-encompassing emotional song that expresses the resilience of the Fijian people in any situation and celebrates our passion for things that binds us together as a modern united nation in the 50th year of our independence and beyond. The FBC would like to sincerely acknowledge Phil Dakei of NOP music for producing “Children of Fiji”. We would also like to acknowledge the following voices from the Fijian music industry for contributing towards the success of this beautiful song. VOCALS

· Simi Rova

· Phil Dakei

· Billy T

· Rosie

· Samuela Taukave

· Ramneek Singh

· Sevuloni Tikina

The FBC sincerely hopes that all Fijian citizens enjoy our beloved country’s special 50th year of independence song. We are confident that Fijians all over the world will appreciate, cherish and live by the sentiments expressed in “Children of Fiji” for years to come. Happy Fiji day.

For more details, please contact: Ms Tagimoucia Fifita – Personal Assistant to the CEO – via email: