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RNZ rides to an all-time high

The New Zealand nation-wide lockdown, followed by a second dose in Auckland – its biggest media market – struck fear into the hearts of the country’s radio executives. With almost no one getting in their cars and driving to and from work, radio’s lifeblood was being drained away.

The lockdowns had the potential to seriously disrupt audience listening patterns and, to some extent, they have.

The GfK survey that measures radio audiences was temporarily suspended during these periods but the latest numbers, released this week, show that a significant number of people have changed their listening habits – at least for now.

The big winners are RNZ National and Newstalk ZB. The losers are music stations The Rock, More FM, and The Hits.

The flight to news and information has pushed RNZ National to an all-time high and it is the first New Zealand radio station to surpass 700,000 unique listeners in a week.

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