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ABU Media Academy Spreads Happiness with Training

Children’s Drama programs that help children come to terms with their fears and draw strength from their hopes are important at this time. This issue was discussed during an ABU Media Academy webinar about Scripting and Pitching Children’s Drama.


ABU Media Academy’s course strategy has several elements to it. Continuous training in skills courses will always be important for members, but they are also requesting top level discussions and content for more experienced staff. The Scripting and Pitching webinar is one example of the high level offerings that the academy has added to its course offerings, along with the ABU’s regular round of skills training from each Department.

Peter Herbert, the Head of Screen Business at the Australian Film Television & Radio School (AFTRS), joined colleague Dr Pia Acqilia, AFTRS Head of Screenwriting, in the 90 minute webinar that taught methods of refining your pitch and script using techniques such as Loglines and Pitch Statements. 33 people from 14 countries and organisations attended the webinar, which also featured a Q&A with film producer Lisa Hoppe, who discussed her recent children’s film H is for Happiness.