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The Associated Meetings of ABU’s General Assembly 2020, kicks off with Sports Group Media Content Committee Meeting

The first of a series of meetings –comprising delegates, members and experts, all of whom will gather together across the globe for the first-ever ABU General Assembly and Associated Meetings held entirely online, started on Monday Nov. 16 at 05:00 GMT.

In this series of online fora are meetings such as: the Sports Group Conference, Programme Committee Meeting, Technical Committee Meeting, Women With the Wave Forum, Radio Working Party Meeting, Quality Management Workshop, the ABU Prizes Awards Presentation and lastly, the ABU TV Song Festival.

In the recently concluded Sports Group Media Content Committee meeting, delegates from broadcast organisations discussed the major events of importance for the ABU members upcoming in 2021 and further discussion on topics such as the ABU Sports Co-Production, ABU Sports Achievement Award and the ABU Sports & Entertainment Network–ASEN. In addition, the ABU Sport Prize-hopefully to be launched May next year in Bangkok’s (travel permitting) Sports Group Conference, was discussed in the context of its three proposed categories; Best Footage, Best Sports Journalism and Innovation. The discussion was a fruitful exchange of ideas and opinions for delegates concerned with next year’s sporting events and in strategic planning for ABU members.

-And with the first Associated Meeting complete, the Online ABU General Assembly- Media in a Time of Crisis, Creativity and Innovation for Multiple Platforms, is full steam ahead!