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ABU Programming Department Conducts Workshop on Quality Management -Online

This year has illustrated clearly how crucial and sensitive the content broadcast by media companies can be. CoViD 19 has reminded the entire world how small, unique and vulnerable the news landscape is.

In such a context, media companies play a key role not only in helping people look at the situation differently and in a more positive way, but also to report facts based on science and evidence.

As such, Quality Management can further foster creativity throughout teams and innovation through new products, new content, and encouraging new mindsets.

It is in this vein that the ABU Programming Department has hosted, as part of the ABU Associated Meetings stream, a workshop on Quality Management. The workshop was opened by  Mr David Balme, CEO, Challenge Optimum SA, who spoke in detail  on Innovation and creativity management requirements according to ISAS. His talk consisted of case studies of impacts of fake news and of journalism with agendas. He cited Thai PBS as a broadcaster incorporating best media and reporting practices.

Mr Matthieu Aubert, Co-Managing Director, BNJ Media Holding SA outlined how radio stations can fight the CoViD crisis while providing the regional economy with new tools and cross collaboration.

How her regional television production adapted its grid to cope with CoViD 19 challenges, given by Ms. Natacha Chapuis, Head of Transmedia, La Tele Vaud-Fribourg SA –provided insight into adaptation and innovation in the face of COVID 19-adversity in great detail for the 118 total participants.

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