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2020 WWW Forum Advances Equality

The ABU platform for advancing diversity and inclusion in and through the media, Women With the Wave, held its ninth edition successfully online on 17 November. This year’s virtual event allowed a broader geographical participation from a wide range of countries, across continents. It brought together for three invigorating sessions 150 participants from 38 countries from around the world.

Panellists from Asia, the Pacific and Europe talked about gender equality progress in their regions and successful efforts for diversity and inclusion in their organisations.  ABU members and others around the globe were able to take note of the latest developments and activities, and be motivated to embrace this important area of media workplace and content practice, to better serve and reflect communities and societies.

The ABU would like to thank all moderators and speakers for their inspirational contributions and all participants for joining the forum. We really appreciate your commitment, especially when everyone’s workload had been increased during the COVID 19 pandemic and working from home. This commitment has sustained us over the years to create a movement of like-minded media professionals advancing the diversity and inclusion agenda.