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ABU Sports Department Holds Virtual 66th Sports Group Conference

Opened by the ABU Sports Group Chairman, Mr Kimoon Lee of Korean broadcaster, KBS, who warmly welcomed all the participants along with welcoming remarks by the Secretary-General ABU, Dr Javad Mottaghi, this virtual conference focused on the upcoming Olympic Games and other pertinent sports broadcasting events coming next year and in 2022.

Other topics included the report on the departments initiatives and results of the past year, given by the Director of ABU Sports, Mr Cai Yanjiang. This was followed by a briefing of the Asia-Pacific View (APV) Platform, presented by ABU Technical Department Director, Ahmed Nadeem.

A Member’s Forum, where ABU members had the chance to participate in, was also facilitated. Selected member’s shared experiences, and perspectives on sports and broadcasting in their country/region.

Also discussed was the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics by the Beijing 2022 Organising Committee and Sports Broadcast Technology by Ali Cloud given to outline the implementation of cloud services to enhance the spectator experience.  Additionally, aspects of the Chengdu 2021 Summer Universiade by the Chengdu 2021 Organising Committee was touched on and lastly, a talk on Remote Production by NEP Group rounded off the engaging online conference.

A restricted session limited to full and additional full members was included in the conference.  The Sports Group listened to both the content and finance committees chairmen’s reports and Mr. Cai Yanjiang encouraged all the members to collaborate closely with the union and take action for a common, better future.