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Zhao Ze: The Guqin & Potst-Rock

Those who are familiar with the guqin, the eldest Chinese plucked string instrument, know it sounds simple, gentle and elegant. Not many would relate this style to rock-&-roll, which is intense and wild. But Zhao Ze, A.K.A ‘the Swamp’, which is a celebrated post-rock band from Guangzhou, China, has taken the first step to combine the two extremes. We join Hai Liang, the guqin player of Zhao Ze’s post-rock trip and enjoy how the ancient sound was beautifully interwoven with modern instruments.

Songs list:
1. Falling Leaves, 落木, by Zhao Ze沼泽乐队
2. Intoxicatingly Lost, 沉醉不知处, by Zhao Ze 沼泽乐队
3. If I Lose Youth, 如果我失去了青春, by Zhao Ze 沼泽乐队