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First Online ABU ROBOCON FESTIVAL 2020 a big Success

The online ABU ROBOCON FESTIVAL 2020, held on Dec 12 was a grand success scoring over 80,000 viewers on YouTube, Facebook, nico nico video and at the virtual venue. The festival was cross posted on Facebook in Thailand and Cambodia and it was also web-cast live on the platform of Shandong Radio and TV Station, China.

The meeting was attended by on average, 130-140 participants from around the world on Zoom from 2pm to 6pm (JST).

As many as 21 teams from 10 countries participated in this novel event. The teams made presentations on their robot taking turns. We had special guests of very popular influencers with millions of followers from Thailand, Vietnam, India and Indonesia where Robocon have been very popular, to further promote Robocon.

After all the team presentations, the Best 5 Teams who made the best robots and 1 Best Presentation Award were selected by mutual voting of the participating teams.

 The awards were given to the teams below:

Awards Winners
Best Award 1st The University of Tokyo
Best Award 2nd The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Best Award 3rd Toyohashi University of Technology
Best Award 4th Northeastern University
Best Award 5th National Polytechnic Institute of Cambodia, Team B
Best Award 5th Nakhonnayok Technical College
Best Award 5th Lac Hong University, Team A
Best Presentation Award The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

The teams in 5th place scored the same points

You can watch this exciting event on YouTube at:

The next ABU Robocon will be held in Jimo, China in August 2021.

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