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Mediacorp radio sees growth in audience: Nielsen survey

Mediacorp’s radio network has seen a growth in listenership, reaching 3.4 million people1 weekly, which is close to 80% of total adults, with more than 13 hours of engagement recorded weekly.

These findings are based on the latest Nielsen Radio Survey conducted from September to November 2020, which tracked radio listenership via diary recordings by 2,000 adults aged 15 and above, with the results weighted by age, sex and race to be representative of the Singapore population.

This represents a 1.8% increase in listeners from the last survey findings in 20192. Mediacorp also continues to be the top radio network in Singapore, with eight of its radio stations appearing in the top 10 spots – including the top four positions – according to the latest survey results.

Beyond the airwaves, the survey also found that more than four in five digital listeners1 tune in to Mediacorp’s digital radio stations weekly, reinforcing its ability to reach audiences across multiple platforms amidst evolving media consumption preferences.

Out of the top 10 stations, Mediacorp occupies eight, including the top four positions.
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