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Nature through the sound of the sheng from CRI

The Sheng is a Chinese traditional free-reed instrument. It’s capable of beautifying the sound of other devices when played in sync. When in solo, either for happiness or sorrow, the expression of the sheng has been graceful, temperate, and soothing, which is said to melt a listener’s heart.
Wu Tong, who was previously an excellent singer of a renowned rock band, is a predominant sheng musician. In this episode, we handpicked for you beautiful sheng pieces from Mr. Wu’s albums.

Songs list:
1. A Sound of the Sheng, 笙音 by Wu Tong
2. Far Mountain, 远山 by Wu Tong
3. Cloud Harmony, 云和 by Wu Tong
4. Spring Breeze, 望春风 by Wu Tong & Yoyo Ma