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New World – New Radio, Let’s Celebrate World Radio Day 2021!

On February 13, World Radio Day will be marking its 10th anniversary, and this year, the theme is very close to everyone’s hearts – New world, new radio – it is about how radio was reborn in a global crisis.

Many things about humanity changed with the COVID-19 global pandemic, from our individual lives to whole societies. Marvellously, radio seemed to take on a new life. It was not just a background soundtrack to millions isolated in their homes but a lifeline to families, friends and whole communities. Across the globe people tuned in, older people returning to the medium on which they had been raised, younger people discovering for the first time the interconnectedness that radio could bring, whether live, streamed or podcast. Radio people across the spectrum from tiny community stations to vast national networks found new audiences, fresh ways of working, new joys in that work.

And on World Radio Day 2021, the best of Radio will be showcased through three sub-themes:

  • Evolution
  • Innovation
  • Connection

The Global WRD2021 site is now open at:

It is full of resources and ideas to help you celebrate WRD21. You can register your WRD21 initiatives through the dedicated link:

And, don’t forget to share your celebrations with all ABU members through the ABU Radio Facebook Group! If you are not yet a member, just click on this link and join more than 300 of your colleagues who are already enjoying the camaraderie, solidarity and support in the Group.