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Asiavision’s new promo reel – Where Storytellers Meet – features Members and their stories

There has been a very positive response to the release of Asiavision’s 2020 promo reel. Entitled ‘Asiavision: Where Storytellers Meet’, the four-minute video features many Members as it focuses on the essence of AVN’s News Exchange – helping Members tell the stories of the day so their audiences know what is happening around the world.

The Promo Reel was due to be released at the Coordinators Meeting early in the year but when that was postponed and with the C-19 emergency continuing, it was decided to release it online with an ‘email launch’.

The video was created, wrangled and edited by News Department Project Manager, Shabana Jan and video journalist, Hashim Ahmad Hakeem with input from the Asiavision team.

It features many newsroom leaders and staff from Asiavision Members who provided the warm welcome ‘hellos’ and pieces-to-camera that express the news values which underpin the work of Asiavision and its Members