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FBC Fiji to Add More Shows

In its effort to produce more local TV shows, the Fijian Broadcasting Corporation is launching two new shows.

Farming Fiji which premiered last night at 8pm aims to educate people on proper farming practices.

Producer John Rabuatoka, says the programme was produced during COVID-19 when thousands of Fijians ventured into farming as a source of income.

“After COVID-19 last year there was a big rush of people going into farming and the idea was that some of us are going into farming not knowing what the practices are. So management thought it would be a great time for us to produce a show to educate people on the best way to practice farming.”

A new comedy show, Crack up premieres this Sunday at 6pm and also aims to help Fijians get through the hardships of COVID-19 and the recent cyclones.Producer Abdullah Shah says they want to bring some positivity to peoples’ lives.

“We actually thought of producing this programme to help locals to forget about the hardships and just to sit down and share some laughter and love.”

With a lot of positive response from the public after its first season, FBC TV’s Fijian Made program is also making a comeback with Season 2 on February 17th.