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CCTV teams up on Sino-overseas Animations with Pandas

China Central Television has recently cooperated with its overseas counterparts to produce a number of animated series featuring pandas and signature animals of different countries.

Panda and Rooster, co-produced by China and Portugal and also released by CCTV on Feb 3, is the newest animation in the project. The two leading characters — a panda named Ho-ho (which sounds like “he”, meaning harmony, in Chinese) and Rooster — have adventures together in the 52-episode series.

The rooster is beloved in Portugal as a symbol of good fortune and justice. And the Portuguese version of the production will later be broadcast via Radio and Television of Portugal (RTP).

In January, the pilot was broadcast for the Sino-Russian co-production Panda and Krash, featuring Ho-ho and Krash, a main character in a household Russian animated series Kikoriki. The co-production with New Zealand Panda and Kiwi will air on Feb 10, while Panda and Springbok, a collaboration with South Africa, will have its pilot televised on Feb 20.