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Asiavision’s Virtual Workshops turn into Targeted Training

With the coronavirus pandemic continuing to keep borders closed and training online, Asiavision’s series of Virtual Workshops are also available as Targeted Training.

Originally, Script Writing (five modules) and Versatile Videos (four modules) were offered to Members in an Anytime Training model where journalists, producers and editors watched a video on YouTube when they could, completed an assignment within a week and received personal feedback from the trainer by email.

It was the lowest-tech model possible and it fitted well when so many staff were working-from-home, internet systems across Asia were slowing to a crawl, newsrooms were under intense stress and webinars or appointment workshops were not possible.

Now, though, more people are back in newsrooms and ABU broadcasters are keen for in-office training. The Script Writing and Versatile Video series also work well in a classroom setting. Staff gather to watch the video (in English) and discuss it in their local language. They find this helpful to dissect the ideas and reinforce the concepts. Their editor or senior staff member ensures they do the assignments and gets to see their progress.

Already, Asiavision Members in Afghanistan and Mongolia have taken advantage of the free training which is available to Asiavision and ABU Members. MTV/MBC, Sri Lanka, has lined up the Script Writing series for their new recruits to set them on a positive path, knowing how to ‘find the focus’ and ‘write to images’ from the start of their media careers.

Prime mover behind the Creative Videos from Home training  for TV5, Mongolia, is Jolly – Dorjgotov Ganbold – head of the International Relations Department. Producers and staff behind the camera have been learning Mojo (mobile journalism) skills including how to use a green screen to put a professional background behind a PTC (Piece-to-Camera), how to add overlay to illustrate a PTC and how to use online tools to verify content.

In Kabul, Afghanistan, RTA’s Digital Media Editor, Mustajab Malikzada, was keen to ensure his staff polished their Script Writing skills. A total of 13 digital journalists are learning about ‘finding the story’ and ‘crisis reporting’ as they work their way through the five-module course.

Watching the video in English and then talking about the points in a group, using their local languages, is proving useful to reinforce the concepts: “We have good discussions after watching the videos and we go through each stage step by step. We have some interesting debates around some of the points mentioned,” Mr Malikzada said.

If you would like to know more about any of Asiavision’s Let’s Get Digital initiative, please get in touch with Director News, Wendy Everett ( or Project Officer, Shabana Jan (

“First of all, I want to say thanks to Asiavision for initiating this training course. It is such a good opportunity for our television directors and cameraman to get better. Our staff who are taking a part on this training course say that not every person can get this chance. So, they want to learn what those journalists and teachers are teaching, and they want to have a good connection with the Asiavision team. Special thanks to Shabana Jan and Hashim Ahmad Hakeem.

Thanks also to all the Asiavision Members who are working there for us. I hope there’s more chances to take part in lots of activities with the Asiavision team. At TV5, we love to make good content and TV programs for the world. with Asiavision.”