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‘Song for mom’ from CRI

Mom is always there for us when we need anything at all, like a hug, a friend, or help through a tough time. We selected some songs about motherhood that we hope you enjoy. We‘d like to dedicate this episode to mothers around the world with our love and respect.

Song list:

1. BGM: Hear mum tell stories of the past 听妈妈讲那过去的事情, by Black Duck Group黑鸭子组合
2. Cradle Song摇篮曲, by Shen Jun Band 神骏乐团
3. Mum’s Song妈妈的歌, by Teresa Teng 邓丽君
4. Breakfast早餐, by Wu Tong 吴彤
5. Mother母亲, by He Xige 贺西格
6.  The Great Love天之大, composed by Wang Bei王备, lyrics by Chen Tao陈涛, Sang by Mao Amin 毛阿敏