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‘Happy Lantern Festival’ from CRI

On the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, when the moon is at its fullest, the Chinese New Year holiday comes to its climax with the Lantern Festival. This year, the festival falls on February 26th. So how is this day celebrated? Listen ‘Happy Lantern Festival’.

Song list:

1. The 3rd Movement of the Spring Festival Suite 春节序曲III, composed by Li Huanzhi
2. Blooming Flowers Under the Full Moon 花好月圆, composed by Huang Yijun and adapted by Peng Xiuwen
3. Dance of the Moon 月之舞, composed by Ma Jiuyue, pipa by Zhao Cong
4. Biluochun Song 碧螺春晓, by Pei Changjia
5. Flower Drum Lantern 花鼓灯, by Zhu Jianping
6. Colorful Clouds Chasing the Moon 彩云追月, by China National Traditional Orchestra