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FBC Launches ABU/UNESCO- Supported Diversity and Inclusion Initiative

The Fijian Broadcasting Corporation today launched its Diversity and Inclusion initiative, the first of its kind for media in Fiji and the Pacific.

The three-year plan supported by the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union and UNESCO aims to actively create a culture of diversity for those who are at times side-lined or left out of the society.

FBC’s Chief Executive Riyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says the goal of the initiative is to promote the spirit of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and for all Fijians.

“We are the first ones that started the slogan of we are proud to be Fijian with our kid’s program and now it’s a catch cry everywhere throughout Fiji. We have a nation-building program, nation-building campaigns, and all sorts of stuff that tries to bring people together. We are the first company that broke the barriers in regards to i-Taukei people reading Hindi news and vice-versa.”

FBC’s Human Resource Director Janice Singh says having diversity in the workplace is critical in ensuring growth.

“Our responsibility as HR professionals is to clearly understand what our part is and that is to get everyone on board to support the implementation of these goals.”

The FBC’s Diversity Taskforce seeks to address key areas such as leadership, representation, content, and services and fostering a positive work environment.