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Uncovering the Secrets of Ancient Japan with New 8K Technology in Partnership with Tokyo National Museum

NHK is pleased to announce the premier broadcast of the series Fresh Encounters with our Cultural Heritage (3 x 30 min) on March 20 on NHK’s BS8K satellite channel. The series was produced in collaboration with the Tokyo National Museum. NHK’s reputation of over 50 years for producing high-end art programs enters a new phase of production using the latest state-of- the-art technology, including 8K filming and scanning, and photogrammetry.

NHK and the Tokyo National Museum have been engaged in a joint research project Cultural Heritage in 8K. The aim is to produce an ultra-high-definition 3DCG digital inventory of the artifacts in the museum including national treasures. This makes it possible to capture every detail of the artifacts inside and out for the viewers to see.

NHK offered the latest technological knowledge and innovative storytelling, while the museum curated the selection of the artifacts and advised how best to show them. Combining their expertise, both organizations collaborated to seek new ways of art appreciation in the forms of VR, AR, Projection Mapping and other digital means. 


March 20, 2021 at 7PM (JST) on NHK BS8K channel


For further information, please contact: NHK Press Office