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Cheerful Greeting & Farewells from CRI

Suona, the eight-hole oboe or trumpet is an important instrument in the folk music in China, particularly in the provinces of Shandong and Henan, where it has long been used for festival and military purposes. Let ‘s discover the suona with Mr Niu Jiandang, a suona master from the China National Traditional Orchetra,

Song list:

1. BGM: Cleverness 灵动, composed by Wang Bei, performed by China Philharmonic Orchestra
2. A Flower 一枝花, suona by Niu Jiandang
3. Yishui River Song 易水歌, composed by Lao Luo, suona by Niu Jiandang
4. Song of Birds 小鸟乐, by China National Traditional Orchestra
5. Missing Home 怀乡曲, suona by Niu Jiandang
6. Peace 九州同, composed by Guan Dazhou, presented by Adili Abulizi, Miao Qing, Ding Xiaokui, Niu Jiandang