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Global Webinar Promotes ABU Work In Gender Equality

ABU and the global union for Media and Entertainment Industries UNI – Apro MEI  organised a Webinar on organisational Gender Equality Plans.

Around 70 media professionals from across the world joined the webinar on 26 March 2021.

Chrissie Tucker, Media Gender and Diversity Specialist and lead Consultant of ABU work in the area introduced gender equality plans adopted by several members as part of the ABU/UNESCO project Media Strategies for Diversity and Inclusion. The Plans of  BBSCL, Bhutan; FBC, Fiji; RRI, Indonesia; VBTV, Vanuatu and VOV, Vietnam were showcased.  She also introduced the Diversity strategy of another ABU member – ABC, Australia.

Video presentations from Mr. Hien, VOV Vietnam, Vice-President; Mr. Riyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, FBC CEO, Fiji and Ms Malonie Albert, Diversity and Inclusion Officer, VBTC Vanuatu provided an overview of the launch and implementation of the Diversity and Inclusion Plans in their organisations.

Ms Chrissie Tucker also briefed on the Guidelines for Gender Equality produced by Asia – Pacific Broadcasting Union and European Broadcasting Union.

Ms Hanna Harvima introduced  the UNI MEI work on equality, while Mr Hamilton Cheng from TPTSEU, Taiwan, presented Equality plans from the trade unions perspective.

In the words of Mr Rajendra Acharya, Secretary – General of  UNI APRO: “The cooperation between ABU and UNI Apro gives immense strength and opportunity to work to better the broadcasting sector and people in this industry. In many aspects, we work in similar interests and get together to work toward the same goals.

The Head of SG Office, ABU, Ms Natalia Ilieva, who is leading the Union’s outreach campaign“Broadcasting for All”,  announced that the next joint webinar in April will be on effects on mental health of media professionals of the COVID 19 pandemic.