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Mediacorp Fights the Ultimate Battle: The Fight Against Food Waste

Mediacorp and DBS Bank, leading brands in their respective industries in Singapore, have joined forces to lead us in this fight. They want to bring this critical issue to our attention in this special collaboration, along with CNA Insider.

They have come up with a special three-part digital-exclusive production available on CNA Inside Youtube or on their website – ‘Food, Wasted’. They have released this series with the hopes of spreading awareness about the issue of food wastage to the masses of Singapore, to provide us with tips and tricks we can adopt to bring this crisis to an end.

Food Wastage is an issue that gives rise to other major problems such as pollution and climate change, that ultimately lead to the dreadful ‘Global Warming’ issue that’s been haunting us for years. Hence, the tips that this series shares with us encourage the reduction of food waste that will shrink our carbon footprints and avert the aforementioned crises.