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Japan Prize Conference Vol.3 – Bringing Diversity Close to Home

What does diversity really look like? How can we be truly inclusive? These questions are increasingly front and center of every field of our lives, from our classrooms, to our work environments, to where we find entertainment. The debate rages and is way advanced in some places like the United States and Europe, while in others, including Japan, it seems to have only just begun.

Sometimes old customs have to be reassessed. And sometimes allowances must be made to accommodate local values. What kinds of insight and ingenuity are required for diversity and inclusion to take root? What role should the media and other creative sectors seek to play in this?

This Japan Prize conference will feature producers from Japan and Australia who have brought diversity and inclusion into program making and went on to produce hits. They will talk about what they set out to achieve and the trial and error of the production process, introducing their own often remarkable approaches to the challenge of bringing diversity close to home.