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DRM – Official in South Africa on both AM and FM – Regulator Unveils Licensing Framework

The DRM Consortium held its second virtual General Assembly on April 15th with the participation of The South African regulator, The Independent Communications Authority (ICASA), published on April 23rd, in the Government Gazette 44469 the Digital Sound Broadcasting (DSB) Services Regulations. Their objective is to set out the framework for introducing the Digital Sound Broadcasting (DRM and DAB+) services and to present the procedure for applicants to obtain the licences and permissions to roll out DSB.

The evaluation and demonstration of the various digital audio broadcasting standards started in South Africa over 20 years ago. In 2014 Radio Pulpit conducted a successful DRM for AM (mediumwave) trial followed by the successful DRM in FM trial of community radio station Kofifi FM 97.2 kHz by WECODEC in Westbury/Johannesburg supported by South African organisations and Consortium members. Both have been adopted now as exemplary ITU reports.