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60 Bangladesh Community Radio Broadcasters Receive DRR Training

ABU (Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union) and UNDRR (United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction) Media for DRR initiative organized two training sessions in February 2021 for Community Radio Broadcasters of Bangladesh through an online platform in cooperation with Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC).

The training aimed to enhance the ability of community radio broadcasters to provide useful information for climate change adaptation and disaster prevention & building the knowledge base for DRR through media for community broadcasting in Bangladesh.

There were altogether seven hours of online training divided into two streams – four hours of DRR content production and three hours of technical applications and early warning messages. A total of 60 community radio broadcasters attended the training. Natalia Ilieva of ABU welcomed the participants in both the training and Ruchi Malhotra of ABU provided all-out support for the training.

The training sessions were brief but the discussions focused on good examples of DRR stories. There was a general debrief on the seven blocks of the DRR learning hub. For this session, each participant shared their last report on a national or local disaster and saw as a group how DRR questions could have been raised and covered.

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