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Rhymoi: Endless journey

Ye Yunchuan is an award-winning music producer and founder of one of China’s most prestigious recording labels, Rhymoi Music.

Song list:
1.Opening Song: Happiness for the Sun 太阳出来喜洋洋, from ‘When The Blues Meet Chinese Folk Music蓝调&中国
2. Rites 仪式, from ‘Glimpses of Tibet藏密
3. BGM: Moon Over City Ruins 荒城之月, from ‘Moon Over City Ruins荒城之月
4. Amazing Grace 奇异恩典, from ‘Endless Journey八千里路
5. BGM: Kuafu Chases the Sun 夸父追日, from ‘The Myths of China神话
6. Yao and Shun Discuss Morality 尧舜论道, from ‘The Myths of China神话