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NHK STRL Open House Underway

The NHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories (NHK STRL) are holding their annual Open House from 1 to 30 June to showcase their latest research results.

This year it is being held online at

The Open House gives visitors a close look at broadcast technology research that they would not ordinarily be exposed to.

With the theme “Pursuing science and technology. Enriching your experience”, NHK STRL has created video and experiential content that can be seen on the event website.

Researchers have worked hard to find ways to convey details of their latest research in terms that are easy to understand, creating web pages for each exhibit.

“With the great changes occurring in broadcast media environments, we have set our major objective going forward to be to create media environments that deliver new experiences and new excitement to all people,” the Director of NHK STRL, Kohji Mitani, said.

“Anticipating what media environments will be like in the years 2030-2040, we have also set targets and directions for NHK STRL, as the research centre for NHK, and these are described in ‘Future Vision 2030-2040’.”

Judy Parnall, Head of Standards and Industry, BBC R&D, and Chair of the Technical Committee of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), will present views from Europe for the future, which are from both the BBC’s Research & Development Department and from a group of public service R&D laboratories that come together through the EBU.