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Japan Marks first Colour TV Broadcasts

Television is as dominant an influence in Japan today as it is in Britain. Japan’s population of 90,000,000 is now served by no fewer than 108 television stations, and there are an estimated 7 million television receiver sets now in use.

This is how a story started 61 years ago in Electronics Weekly’s edition of December 21st 1960.

The story continues:

On September 10 Japan took another step forward into the television age when it inaugurated regular colour television transmissions.
Before that date there had been trial colour television transmissions principally by NHK (Nippon Hoso Kyokai),the Japan Broadcasting Corporation which is roughly similar to the BBC in Britain, and by Nehon television, one of the big private companies in Tokyo. The very first colour transmission was made in December 1957. With the inauguration of regular colour transmissions last September, Japan became the second country to do so after the United States.