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ABU Presents the Central Asia Media Forum-CAMF: 15 July, 2021

The CAMF brings together media organizations from Central Asia and beyond to network and to initiate cooperation and joint initiatives. The forum provides a platform for sharing knowledge and future strategies, discuss solutions for challenges brought by the rapid developments in the media industry in the region and around the globe. The Forum knowledge exchange is led by expert speakers and skilled media practitioners, who will present and share their experiences in content creation and distribution and will explore the role of media in this fast-changing social environment.

The Forum programme addresses the Central Asian broadcasters’ needs. Among the topics to be discussed are Cybersecurity, OTT, Traditional vs Social Media, attracting audience by creating valuable content and many more. We also we also provide our members with an opportunity to present their content for exchange and find buyers.  

The Working languages for all sessions will be English and Russian. We have arranged simultaneous translation for your comfortable participation. We hope that you and your colleagues will actively participate and contribute to the 4th ABU Central Asia Media Forum. 

 For the registration please visit the link If you have any questions about CAMF2020, please feel free to contact Ms Nargiza Numanova at