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ABU Newsroom Manager Course Improves Leadership Skills

Nearly three quarters of the participants in a recent News Management course have already put improved practices into place in their newsrooms. There were 90 participants registered for the course, which was developed by the ABU’s News Department and the ABU Academy and delivered online over the past 4 weeks.

Four webinars, as well as further research and activities on the Academy Learning Platform delivered training aimed to upgrade the skills of news managers. Professor Drew McDaniel from Ohio University was the main lecturer, along with the ABU’s Head of News Wendy Everett and Academy Head Steve Ahern.

The last session of the course featured a 30 minute Q&A with ABC Australia’s Director of News Gaven Morris, who discussed the strategy behind the evolution of the ABC News Department from a broadcast to a digital newsroom.

More management and leadership training will be available soon from the ABU Media Academy.