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National Television and Radio Company of Uzbekistan (MTRK) enhances viewer-friendly options: OTT platform launched

Television has the largest viewer audience in Uzbekistan and its role in up-to-date coverage of events and raising public awareness is invaluable. Information and communication technologies are transforming quickly and television remains the most popular way to address the needs of the public to receive information. Amid global developments with the telecommunications sector advancing rapidly, cutting-edge technologies are implemented into TV production and radio broadcasting systems. New media concepts such as digital, mobile and internet television are being introduced, and all this requires keeping up with processes.

For the comprehensive development of the country, and in particular to deliver on the Actions Strategy of the Republic of Uzbekistan along Five Priority Development Areas in 2017-2021, is the creation of favorable ICT infrastructure that supports software development and secures wide-ranging assistance for that purpose. The issues of improving the system of “e-government”, in particular, the development of mobile and digital television are also priorities.

The National Television and Radio Company of Uzbekistan has completed a step-by-step transfer to the digital broadcasting format of hardware-studio facilities, news studios and main television complexes of other technological facilities in the system, and in the meantime carried out research integrated with the internet services on the basis of IP technology to build more amenities for consumers.