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ABU Digital Media Working Group Appoints Chairperson and Vice Chairpersons

As part of the major changes proposed to the ABU New Media Task Group following its re-branding as ABU Digital Media Working Group (DMWG), the Working Group has appointed a Chairperson and two Vice Chairpersons to steer and lead the Group over the next two years.

Mr Riyaad Minty, Director of Digital at TRT, was appointed as the Group’s Chairperson. Mr Riyaad joined TRT in 2016 where he has been part of the core leadership team responsible for the digital transformation of the network. TRT has seen immense growth across digital platforms both domestically and internationally ensuring the network is a global leader in industry. Previously with Al Jazeera he was the founder of AJ+ one of the world’s largest news outlets for the digital generation and contributed towards the network’s global strategy as Head of Social Media. He is recognised as a leader in the space of digital media and believes in the power of digital storytelling as a means to connect people around the world through shared experiences.

Mr Fang Fei, Vice President of Mango TV, will represent RTPRC at the DMWG as the Group’s Vice Chairperson. Mr Fang established the basic model of content and data marketing and forged a couple of typical cases with over 100-million-yuan benefits at Hunan Economic Television (HNETV); and at Mango TV, he has established an integrated marketing system and a brand awareness marketing system. After subsequently transferring duty to content planning and operation and taking charge of platform operation and new businesses, he helped launch Mango TV’s internationalization and intelligence-led strategies, including the development of Mango TV International app and the building of smart delivery and algorithm teams.

Mr Soobass Latchman, Coordinator Broadcast Technology at MBC (Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation), joins Mr Fang as the other Vice Chairperson of the Group. Mr Soobass has more than 30 years of experience as a broadcast professional in Mauritius. He is acting as MBC’s Coordinator Broadcast Technology since 2013 and he is also the officer in charge for Outside Broadcast and Radio & Television Sections at MBC.

The newly-appointed Chairperson and Vice Chairpersons of the Digital Media Working Group will serve a 2-year term in their respective leadership roles of the Group.