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ABC News in Australia tells how they increased the representation of women in their content through 50:50 The Equality Project. In late 2018, ABC News took on the challenge of increasing the contribution of women as expert talent and contributors across all NEWS programming. They started with a huge imbalance and in March, they achieved the target of having female and male interviewees and contributors equally represented – in fact, 51 per cent were female voices.

In this Asiavision webinar workshop, ABC News tells how they did it and how your newsroom could do it too.

With research showing that the more media represents women better, the more likely it is that women will consume that content, this workshop is about serving your audience better. In the coronavirus pandemic, getting the message to everyone is vital. Women hold key positions in many relevant sectors. This workshop is about how to find them and put them on-air.

Gavin Fang, Head of Network and Newsgathering for ABC News + News Diversity Lead

Emma Pearce, ABC News 50:50 Equality Co-lead

Mosiqi Acharya, Chief of Staff, Asia Pacific Newsroom

Francis Herman, CEO, VBTC Vanuatu